Safety Requirments

All Chemicals Used On Site Are Approved By The Regulatory Authorities
And Are Used In Accordance With The Label At All Times
At all times the technician is carrying a full set of Personal Protective Equipment
1. 2 Sets of Approved Overalls
2. 1 Set of Elbow Length PVC Gauntlet Gloves
3. 1 Half Face Respirator
4. 1 Set of Impervious Boots
5. 1 Hat
6. Soap
7. A Towel
At all times the vehicle is carrying
1. A First Aid Kit Located In The Glove Box
2. A Chemical Spills Kit Contained In The Rear
3. The Vehicle Is Kept Locked At All Times
4. Only Small Amounts Of Liquid Chemical Concentrates Are Carried At Any Given Time
5. All Chemicals Are Mixed On The Job For The Job
6. All Pesticides Are Contained In Approved Storage Containers

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