Rodent Service

A Thorough Inspection Is Carried Out Prior To Any Treatment
Areas To Be Treated:
Roof Voids/Sub Floors
Rodent Bait Stations are to be established using plastic trays or cardboard
boxes correctly marked as POISON.
Block Bait is to be placed in these stations strategically around these areas.
Regular maintenance should be carried out in these areas to monitor activity.
Interior Areas
Depending on the location of the problem, either the placement of baits behind
Heavy or Immovable objects or the installation of Locked Bait Stations
would be used.
Outdoor Areas
The installation of Lockable Bait Stations would be used to gain control.
Approved Rodenticide:
Chemical Label MSDS Approval
Stratagem 20G Securable Block Rodenticide pdf pdf pdf
Ditrac All Weather Wax Block Rodenticide pdf pdf pdf

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