Cockroach Service

A Thorough Inspection Is Carried Out Prior To Any Treatment
Areas To Be Treated:
Kitchen and Amenities
To areas such as motors, microwave ovens, kettles, ovens, sinks,
cupboards, any area identified as having activity, either a Gel Bait or
Insecticidal Dust would be applied in order to gain control.
Roof Voids and Sub Floor Areas
These areas are treated using an Insecticidal Dust applied using an electric
Dust-R [high volume]. Starting at the furthest point from and working back
towards the manhole, the dust is dispersed through out the entire space.
Internal Areas (Excluding Kitchens and Amenities)
Carry out perimeter spraying as required.
Approved Pesticides:
Chemical Label MSDS Approval
Biflex AquaMax 100SC Insecticide pdf pdf pdf
Permethrin D pdf pdf pdf
Maxforce Cockroach Gel pdf pdf pdf

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